Why Global Travel Academy?

Six Reasons Why Global Travel Academy Is Right For You

  • You Receive High-Quality Guidance: Our courses are curated by travel industry professionals to nurture responsible and safe traveling.
  • We Are Inspirational: Our footage is filmed world-wide and in real-life travel situations, showing you (in high-definition) what life on the road may be like.
  • Our Courses Are Engaging: Extensive interviews with travel industry experts, interactive modules and reflective learning activities will capture your attention.
  • We Value Accessibility: Our courses can be completed on any device, from wherever you have a WiFi connection, and if you don’t finish the course in one sitting you can easily pick back up wherever you left off.
  • We Provide Take-Aways: Depending on your chosen course, you will have access to a downloadable interactive PDF workbook and access to our online resource center, designed to help you plan for successful travel.
  • We Are Affordable: Courses start at just $99 (USD) for the Certificate in Travel Health & Safety.

Seven Epic Ways You Benefit From Completing A Course

  • You’ll Be A Confident Traveler: Completing a course through Global Travel Academy will enable you to travel with confidence and arm you with the knowledge you need to master international travel.
  • You Become A Leader: You will learn techniques and skills specific to international travel that allow you to lead the way and be a role model for other travelers.
  • We Do The Research For You: We provide you with links to trusted and recommended organizations within the travel and volunteer industries so you don’t have to start your research from scratch.
  • You Learn Skills For Life: The courses provide lessons on approaches, attitudes and skills that will stick with you, and which can be applied to other areas of your life - not just travel!
  • You Gain Professional Development: Use your Global Travel Academy training to endorse your resume or LinkedIn profile, and harness the employable skills that successful international travel experience provides.
  • You’ll Learn How To Look After Yourself While Traveling: Through our courses you will be armed with advice, techniques and tools to keep yourself the safest and healthiest traveler you can be.
  • You Will Be Privy To Insider Information: Collaborated on by travel industry experts, our online courses are full of untapped resources and insider knowledge.

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“I loved how interactive each module was. With mind maps, the card sorting tasks and then the quiz! The videos and written content was spread across each module equally which made it more interesting and easy to get though. The people that spoke were really interesting and all information given had the perfect amount of detail. Points were detailed but precise. Really great course. If I know anyone wanting to volunteer abroad I will 100% recommend this course!” Tara Crompton - Certificate in International Volunteering Student, 2017