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Guiding the world’s greatest travelers through online training

Certificate in Travel Health & Safety

2 Hours

A comprehensive twelve-module course providing practical travel advice, guidance and recommendations from industry experts and our very own expert travelers, Reuben and Chloe. This course is a must for anyone heading abroad.

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Certificate in International Volunteering

3 Hours

Join Reuben and Chloe on their volunteer journey through twelve countries; demonstrating international volunteering best practice, immersing themselves in the culture and interviewing volunteer travel experts. The Certificate in International Volunteering will teach you how to volunteer abroad responsibly and effectively.

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Travel Safety Abroad - 1 Hour Training

1 Hour

A quick and engaging one-hour course, made up of ten-modules, that will teach you fundamental travel safety skills necessary for an epic adventure abroad. Perfect for those looking to refresh their travel health and safety skills, or as an introductory course.

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Megan Lee

Mitch Gordon
CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Patrick Joseph

University of California
Professor of Medicine

About Global Travel Academy

Our mission is simple – make the world a better place by guiding the world's greatest travelers. Traveling abroad should be exciting, inspiring and the best experience of your life, but if you leave home unprepared or uninformed, it can easily all go wrong.
At Global Travel Academy, we kickstart your journey before you leave home, teaching you how to be a safe and responsible traveler.

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