Know Before You Go

Online Learning⎢Why It’s Perfect For Nomad Travelers

Whether you are taking a gap year, a sabbatical from work, family vacay, giving back to an international community through volunteering or a work trip, it’s not a bad idea to up-skill so that you are the most prepared you can be. The beauty of online learning is that you don’t necessarily have...


Top Tips For Reassuring Worried Parents

It’s only natural for those who love you most to worry about you heading off on an abroad adventure. Travel can be unnerving, especially if you are taking a trip to a destination that is unknown to your family and friends, or are maybe traveling solo. Traveling abroad for the first time is an...


Our Favorite Locations To Study Online

The biggest perk of studying online has got to be the fact that you can study wherever you want! Park up with your laptop or phone, a hot coffee or cold beverage and some amazing views. Sure beats a classroom! Here are our favorite locations in the world to study online, all are epic...


Why Pre-Departure Training Is So Important For International Volunteers

Sometimes good intentions are not enough, and more often than not, preparation is key to having an enjoyable time and making an effective impact when you volunteer abroad. The team here at Global Travel Academy realized the need for a comprehensive training solution and so the innovative...


Top 10 Successful Fundraising Tips

Whether you want to make your dream of volunteering abroad a reality, or you are set to go but would like to raise donations for the local community in which you will volunteer, fundraising is a great way to support your trip. The team here at Global Travel academy have put together our top...