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Up-skill your travelers by referring them to Global Travel Academy courses, and generate income at the same time. Affiliates of Global Travel Academy earn a 20% commission for every course enrollment linked to their unique affiliate code, and there is no limit to how much you can earn!

Why offer GTA courses to your site users?

  • No-strings-attached income for very little effort, as an affiliate you earn 20% of every tracked course enrollment.
  • Provide a value-add for your travelers and improve their experience abroad, accurate expectations and thorough preparation leads to more successful travel abroad.
  • No fixed term contract, establishment or maintenance costs.
  • Setup and maintenance - we supply you with the tools and resources required to create a dynamic sales landing page on your website, giving you access to images and videos for marketing and social media purposes.
  • Advertise to a relevant audience. All affiliates are added to our website and student resource center, profiling your company to a targeted audience while also providing a valuable back-link.
  • Courses are engaging. They include interviews with travel industry experts, video footage (filmed in over 12 countries), interactive modules and reflective learning activities.
  • Courses are 100% online, self-paced, and can be completed on any device.

If you prefer to incorporate the course into your own program/service offering, or distribute course access directly to your customers, talk to us about bulk purchasing and custom coupons.

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