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Everything you need to know to stay healthy & safe while traveling abroad with Intern Abroad HQ

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Global Travel Academy and Intern Abroad HQ have partnered together to offer the Certificate in Travel Health & Safety to IAHQ interns, at a reduced price of just $69 (30% off the retail price). Perfect for first-time or solo travelers, this Travel Health & Safety Online Training will teach you practical skills to stay healthy and safe while traveling and interning abroad.

Written by travel industry experts and taught by experienced travelers, Reuben and Chloe, the Travel Health & Safety Training exposes you to real life experiences, filmed while traveling through 13 countries, instructing you on the best methods for maintaining your health and safety when traveling globally.

By the completion of this 2 hour video-based course you will be up-skilled in safe travel practices and have the knowledge to uphold your health while you are abroad.

Throughout the course we will cover:

  • Travel preparation
  • Medical preparation
  • Traveling and transit
  • Staying safe at your destination
  • Mental health
  • Staying healthy abroad
  • Eating and drinking abroad
  • Transport safety
  • Safe socializing
  • Water and sun safety
  • Travel scams
  • What to do in an emergency
INCLUDING Experts From:

"I would definitely recommend this course to someone who is new to traveling or has any fears and doubts. If I was a parent whose child was going overseas I would make my child take this course!"

- Gabrielle Cathie, Student - Certificate in Travel Health & Safety


Your Instructors



Reuben lives and breathes travel, having traveled to over 50 countries - he’s a bit of a pro. Also a massive foodie, Reuben takes great pleasure in immersing himself in the local communities and testing out the culinary delights. Reuben is one of the best when it comes to travel, let his expertise turn you into a safe and healthy traveler.



Chloe has a fair bit of travel experience under her belt for her young age, with family ties in Africa and Europe she has a huge heart for cultural immersion and is full of wanderlust. Traveling is second nature to her and she takes packing her carry-on luggage very seriously. Chloe is a great traveler with endless knowledge to share with you.

Course Curriculum

  Certificate in Travel Health & Safety
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  Congratulations On Completing The Certificate In Travel Health & Safety
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The Certificate in Travel Health & Safety is a completely self-paced online course. You have 12 months (from your enrolment date) of unlimited access to complete the course and can decide when you start and finish.
Is this course available on various devices?
This course can be accessed across all devices and is mobile/tablet friendly. While you can login on multiple devices, you can only access the course from one device at a time.
Will I receive a certificate?
Yes! You will receive a certificate via email within 24 hours of completion of the course.
What is EU Digital Goods VAT Tax and will it impact my purchase?
EU VAT is a tax charged only on purchases made by customers located in the European Union. This will be automatically calculated depending on your country of residence and added to the purchase amount at the checkout. Please contact us for a list of the VAT taxable countries and current tax rates.

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